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What's it like using TCI SuperCoder products and online coding packages? Discover what your peers have to say!
"I was signed up for SuperCoder online today. Amazing that is all I can say. The ICD-10 section is going to make billers lives so much easier. I am always just amazed at the info you cover every month. I can not even imagine doing this job without Pediatric Coding Alert on my desk. I don't bill claims for this practice but with me being the Accounts receivable Specialist I need to be up on all the coding changes that occur and with Pediatric Coding Alert I am. Also if a coding problem comes up I can always count on you for help in resolving the issue. Thank you as always"

Bonnie Palmer
Lawrenceville Pediatrics
"Our business closed on 12/31/2010. I personally took a subscription for the online Supercoder which I like very much and another office took a subscription also at my recommendation. I also added 2 specialties to my account. I love what your company offers."

Anna McCoy Kilker
Canyon Lake, TX
"Stephanie loves the anesthesia calculator. It makes her job go faster!"

Micki Wright, Southwest Anesthesia
Frisco, TX
"I have been user Supercoder for almost 2 years now. It just keeps getting better. The site is easy to navigate, you plug in a CPT code and get all of your lay terms, fee schedules, LCD's and SOOOO much more right there at your fingertips. with the subscrption you also get 1 specilaty of your choice so you get ALL your codeset books PLUS the coding alerts. I cannot begin to describe how happy our practice is with I also did a webinar with Encoder and although it may 'look pretty'. Trust me its just a sales pitch. Kudos goes out to Supercoder."

Candice Ruffing
"I've been using SuperCoder since it came out! I love it. I find it easy to navigate and it seems to get better and better. I used it for an article I recently wrote and it was such a great help. It had valid information that could also be verified. Keep up the good work!!"

Suzan Berman CPC, CEMC, CEDC
"I have been using Supercoder for years. I changed over at the practice I worked for from EncoderPro to Supercoder and absolutely love the access to numerous specialty newsletters, one click access to the NCCI policy manual and quick links to all of the regulatory documentation by CPT code. LCD-s are right at your fingertips, broken down by state for each CPT code, specialty coding articles, CPT Assistant and all pertinent data regarding modifier use, medically unlikely edits, ICD-9 crossover and code descriptors as well. This product is linked to the Coding Institute Newsletters that cover the broadest variety of specialties with leading coders in the nation posting articles on all aspects of coding pertinent to the specialty. The product is continually enhanced to meet changing needs and is one of the easiest programs I have ever utilized. I highly recommend Supercoder to all!!!"

"For ICD-10, I have been using ICD-10 Coder which is a periodical newsletter. Since SuperCoder is part of The Coding Institute (TCI) and TCI' s coding specialty newsletters are really helpful, I just took a leap and bought that. It brings out some very useful articles in every edition. Also, there's an "extended ICD-10" conversion tool in SuperCoder that shows the GEM as well as additional codes that are related but not exactly matching with the current ICD-9 codes. Found that pretty interesting since GEM is still evolving and assessing probable ICD-10 codes for current ICD-9's are sometimes overwhelming! To me, Encoder is pretty costly, even though it's in market for very long and quite popular. Incidentally, SuperCoder representatives called me last week to inform that their site would be in a new and much more "user-friendly" form in another week or two. So, keeping my fingers crossed!!"

Alan, CPC
"Fantastic seminar today!! You had so much great information. You said everything I've been presenting to my providers for a while."

Melissa Weintraub
Compliance Specialist at Hall Render
"As a Coder, we are always searching to find tools to assist us in our day to day coding, as we often need to have quick access to, CPT-4, ICD-9 and CCI edits in order to select the correct code. Supercoder provides me those tools at my fingertips. I no longer have to carry heavy books as Supercoder is an icon on my computer desktop, which is a must when I travel. In essence, Supercoder is easy to use and provides quick, accurate responses at an affordable price. I highly recommend Supercoder."

Terry Leone
CPC,CPC-P,CIRCC, CPC-I, President, Catamount Associates, LLC
"Super coding has been the intimate supporting tool. I like it very much."

Rajeshkannan R
"It seems to have everything a coder would need or want. Today it is not just codes and descriptions but a lot of information a coder needs to make educated correct choices and you have it all."

Shawna Sanchez
President,Golden Med Billing
"provides useful info for coding, inclusions & exclusions with quick access to LCD/NCD and global package info and CCI edits"

Elizabeth A. Hanka
Billing Manager,Complete Pain Care
"Love it! User friendly, informative, great!!!"

Aixa Quinones
Medical Billing Specialist ,Galope Anesthesia Services
"I have been using SuperCoder for 5 years and I love it."

Melissa Cantonwine-Adams
"I like all the extra details that supercoder has incorporated into this tool."