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What's it like using TCI SuperCoder products and online coding packages? Discover what your peers have to say!
"I've been on your site for ten minutes and I feel so empowered! I've been on the fence about trying your site for a while, but finally just decided to stop being in the dark. I'm tired of making the best choices possible based upon limited information. I'm tired of second guessing myself and reading between the lines. It is refreshing to have definitive answers at my fingertips. Thank you!"

Cassandra Micsinay
CPC, A/R Manager
"As a physician of over 30 years, and a consultant in the industry, I have chosen as my primary code reference tool. It not only gives me easy access to coding information, but a wealth of reliable information regarding correct usage and application. I highly recommend"

Dr. Scott Linscott
"We like Anesthesia Coding Alert because the content is informative and concise."

Medical Financial Management Inc., Atlanta
"No longer is it necessary to sleuth through multiple paper books and files to find what you are looking for. provides quick, easy and accurate code searches at the touch of your fingers. It not only simplifies the work of CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS code look-up, but also provides instant access to supporting coding resources and references."

Marvel Hammer
"I personally took a subscription for the online Supercoder which I like very much and another office took a subscription also at my recommendation. I also added 2 specialties to my account. I love what your company offers"

Anna McCoy Kilker
Canyon Lake, TX
"I like because it's handy and easy to use. Also, it saves my hospital money because it's less expensive than books or other software"

Alyson Covington
"I love Supercoder...I can put a CPT code in and look from all the publications…and it gives me hundreds of leads...which tell me what other people have...been going through. It's got more than any other coding website.I use it a lot...I do a lot of work from home and I'm not carrying my books back and forth... I can log in from home... So it's a big help for me with the remote access."

Linda Parks
MA, CPC, CMC, CMSCS, Coding Consultant
"SuperCoder is easy to use and understand."

Kim Aures
"The all-new SuperCoder is wonderful! I love that I can pick my own home page & that it can be customized for just the things I use most. I generally don't like a lot of change, but in this case it's wonderful. Thank you SuperCoder!"

Shelly Bergquist
"It is great and easy !!! Love it !!!"

Margaret Rudnicki
Certified Coder,Care Spot
"This product is easy to read and navigation is friendly. You see all tools at a glance. Researching a code, or AHA coding clinic is fast, LCD look up fantastic. As coders we need detail information quick and thorough. I love Super Coder ease, simple reading and to the point information. Try it and you will never purchase a hard copy coding book again."

lydia cook
" will be invaluable for coders/AAPC members. It is an alternative to other reference sites and some stand alone very expensive software packages that put CPT, ICD9, and RBRVS together. Many of these other tools exceed $800 annually or above, which is probably out of reach for many coders and practices. So is a fantastic reference tool that is also affordable- a great combination."

Michael Granovsky
"I cannot overstate the value of the SUPERCODER product. As a consultant, I am able to answer coding questions quickly and effectively. I am no longer frustrated searching for CMS information including LCD's, CCI Edits and other valuable information, because it is all at my fingertips. Supercoder is a reliable product that is cost effective and user friendly."

Melody S. Irvine
"Supercoder has quickly become my primary source for coding research and education. The web site is easy to use with everything in one location. The Specialty Alerts help me to stay ahead of the curve. As coders we are often expected to know it all and the Survival Guides are a great resource for a variety of procedures. The code lookup tool is easy to use and I love the articles tab attached to the code which allows you to view reader comments and tips. Pass the word this website is fantastic resource for coders at any level in any specialty"

Leslie Resendez
"I am absolutely loving supercoder. Don't know why I haven't been there before. I am always talking about it with our clients a few of them will go on when they are ready, I will let you know"

Cathys Billing