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Features & Benefits Code Search Fast Coder Physician Coder
CPT®, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM, and ICD-9-CM Code Lookup
Quickly find codes across all codesets, descriptions and instructional notes.
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ICD-10 Bridges
Instantly crosswalk between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes with the help of GEMs and Approximation Logic.
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Lay Terms from The Coding Institute Staff Exclusive!
Get lay terms written by the trusted Coding Institute editorial team, explaining codes and terms you understand.
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Change Alert for CPT® guidelines
Instantly spot new and/or revised guidelines changes with Green SuperCoder Text
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Favorite Code List Exclusive!
Add your favorite codes for quick and easy recall.
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Personal Notes
Save personal and group notes to boost accuracy.
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Upcoming and Historical Information Exclusive!
Get CPT® changes along with previous years’ code change info on CPT® code details page
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CMS Documents
Read related CMS documents from your code details page.
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Modifier Crosswalk
At a glance identify the allowed CPT®, HCPCS Level II and ASA modifiers for CPT® and HCPCS Level II codes.
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CPT®↔ICD CrossRef
Get top submitted diagnosis codes for CPT® codes – or the reverse – on Medicare and private payer claims!
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CPT® ↔HCPCS Crosswalk
Identify the most common HCPCS Level II codes billed with a selected CPT® code and vice versa. 
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CCI Edits Checker with RVUs
Immediately find out which codes can be reported together, which are billable separately and which allow a modifier.
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Fee Schedules
Check MUEs, global days, payment status and more with Medicare Physician Fee Schedule plus 6 other fee schedule tools.
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LCD/NCD Lookup
Instantly check the local coverage determinations or national coverage determinations for contractors.
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NDC ↔ CPT®/HCPCS CrossReference
Quickly find National Drug Code information for CPT®/HCPCS codes.  
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CMS 1500 Real-Time Scrubber
Get instant ‘claims checking’ advice so you can correct your claim before it goes to the clearinghouse.
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Specialty Coding Newsletters Exclusive!
Get expert-driven specialty coding articles (monthly) and archives that provide news, insider tips, case studies, step-by-step guidance, and more.
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CEU Opportunities
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