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ICD-10-PCS Code Lookup

PCS Tables


B Imaging
D Gastrointestinal System
1 Fluoroscopy: Single plane or bi-plane real time display of an image developed from the capture of external ionizing radiation on a fluorescent screen. The image may also be stored by either digital or analog means
Body Part Contrast Qualifier Qualifier
Character 4 Character 5 Character 6 Character 7
Body System (Character 4)
1 Esophagus
2 Stomach
3 Small Bowel
4 Colon
5 Upper GI
6 Upper GI and Small Bowel
9 Duodenum
B Mouth/Oropharynx
Approach (Character 5)
Y Other Contrast
Z None
Substance (Character 6)
Z None
Qualifier (Character 7)
Z None