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ICD-10-PCS Code Lookup

PCS Tables


0 Medical and Surgical
1 Peripheral Nervous System
S Reposition: Moving to its normal location, or other suitable location, all or a portion of a body part
Body Part Approach Device Qualifier
Character 4 Character 5 Character 6 Character 7
Body System (Character 4)
0 Cervical Plexus
1 Cervical Nerve
2 Phrenic Nerve
3 Brachial Plexus
4 Ulnar Nerve
5 Median Nerve
6 Radial Nerve
8 Thoracic Nerve
9 Lumbar Plexus
A Lumbosacral Plexus
B Lumbar Nerve
C Pudendal Nerve
D Femoral Nerve
F Sciatic Nerve
G Tibial Nerve
H Peroneal Nerve
Q Sacral Plexus
R Sacral Nerve
Approach (Character 5)
0 Open
3 Percutaneous
4 Percutaneous Endoscopic
Substance (Character 6)
Z No Device
Qualifier (Character 7)
Z No Qualifier