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Try Refined Search for Indexes on TCI SuperCoder!

You asked for it, and now it’s here! We have added the ability to refine your search when you’re looking for codes in code indexes using your TCI SuperCoder account.


Here’s how it works: Start on your Coding Tools or Coder page, and follow these steps:

  • On the left menu, choose a code set under the Coding entry. For instance, you can select ICD-10-CM/Index to Diseases and Injuries.
  • On the index page, start typing your search term into the search box. When the drop-down list appears, select an index entry to view. An example is to start typing fracture and then select “Fracture, traumatic(abduction) (adduction) (separation) - see also Fracture, pathological T14.8.” Then click Search.
  • When the entry appears, enter a more specific term in the Refine box to get to the information you need faster! To continue our example, you could search for nondisplaced and click Refine.
  • You’ll quickly see the results for your refined search highlighted in yellow. To move through with less effort, you can click the Next button.


If you’ve got more suggestions for how we can enhance code search to better suit your needs, be sure to let us know!