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Translate Your ICD-9 Superbill to ICD-10 in Seconds

To save you time, mouse clicks, and seemingly endless frustration, SuperCoder has created a free ICD-10 Conversion Tool. Upload a CSV or TXT file with your most commonly used ICD-9 codes, and the Conversion Tool will instantly generate an Excel file with the cross codes from ICD-10. And this is no mere GEMs list. You get both GEMs and the more clinically accurate codes from approximation logics. The approximation codes accurately expand your options from potentially unpaid unspecified codes to more specific codes so you know which diagnoses require you to capture laterality, site, and combination diagnoses. If the ICD-10 Bridge is part of your SuperCoder subscription, you can access the ICD-9 to ICD-10 code converter tool on the ICD-10 Bridge site, too.