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TCI SuperCoder Smart Assistant Now Available for IE!

Those of you using Internet Explorer, take note. You can now get our Smart Assistant extension for IE 10 and above.


What is Smart Assistant? The extension adds a bar that stays on your browser window, so you can use SuperCoder code search and CCI checker no matter what site you’re on. Blog? Yes! Cloud-based EMR? Yes! Online claim form? Yes!


Here’s how to get it: Open IE 10 or above, and go to Click the button that says “Install Free IE Extension.” (The option to install for Google Chrome is right there, too.) Then follow the prompts to install the extension. After installation, you may need to open a new browser tab in IE to see the extension appear.


Get started: To log in to Smart Assistant, you’ll need a subscription to one of SuperCoder’s online code search solutions. You can use an existing account or sign up for a free trial to try it all out. Keep in mind that to access the CCI checker, you’ll need an account that includes access to CCI edits on SuperCoder, such as Fast Coder or Physician Coder.


When you’re ready to search a code, type a code or keyword into the search bar in Smart Assistant. You’ll get official descriptors and bonus features like lay terms, all without clicking away from your current site! If you’ve got the CCI checker, don’t forget to click CCI Edits Checker on the right side of the Smart Assistant bar to get going on finding those edits!


To get more information and get SuperCoder Smart Assistant, click here.