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SuperCoder Named One of the Best Healthcare Compliance Solution Providers of 2015

HealthCare Tech Outlook magazine named SuperCoder one of the “Top 20 Healthcare Compliance Solution Providers of 2015.” The company received the honor from a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the Healthcare Tech Outlook editorial board, which annually reviews the top healthcare compliance companies and selects those leading the way in tackling industry challenges.


Here’s a selection of SuperCoder products aimed at helping the healthcare industry comply with guidelines and regulations:

  • BoneCoder10: This coding compliance software tool provides a seamless transition to ICD-10 by helping physicians and coders of all specialties assign the correct ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes. This workflow tool incorporates ICD-10 guidelines, code combinations, and documentation tips with a search function available, too. BoneCoder10 can stand alone, but it also easily integrates with an Electronic Health Record (EHR), offering complete interoperability.
  • ICD-10 eLearning: Online ICD-10 training helps medical practices transition to ICD-10 medical codes and guidelines with interactive online presentations, walk-through examples, and documentation tips.
  • Batch Scrubber: This automated tool checks claims for accuracy before they head out to the payer. By offering a dashboard of claims compliance risks and allowing you to adjust those claims, the scrubber reduces denials and speeds cash flow.
  • Monthly Coding Alerts: The Coding Institute’s coding and compliance newsletters focus on how to apply guidelines and regulations to real-world scenarios for specialties ranging from Anesthesia to Urology.
  • Physician Coder/Facility Coder: You also can get the newsletters as part of a package with an online platform that connects you with a comprehensive suite of medical coding tools and expert guidance.


Check out SuperCoder online or call 1-866-228-9252 for assistance with finding which products best suit your needs.