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Pull Up Latest Guidelines From CPT® Assistant Regarding Inpatient Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Coding

The May 2016 issue of CPT® Assistant provides guidelines to clarify use of terminology during readmission to pediatric CCU. It gives a better understanding about procedures and services that are included, and those that are separately payable, during inpatient neonatal and pediatric critical care. In short it helps to avoid reporting the same services twice.

Plus, get to know insights about five new category III codes added under “Pacemaker leadless and pocketless system” and recommendations to redefine the influenza vaccine codes. The issue also updates you about noncoronary intravascular ultrasound services. Make the most of’s Code Connect code and keyword search to keep your skills sharp:


  • Cystourethroscopy With Fulguration and Bladder Tumor Resections: 52204-52240
  • Influenza Vaccines Update: 90655-90658, 90685-90688
  • Inpatient Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care: 31500, 36510, 99291-99292, 99468-99476, 0188T-0189T
  • Noncoronary Intravascular Ultrasound: 37250-37253, 37191-37197, 75945-75946
  • Pacemaker, Transcatheter Leadless and Pocketless: 33202-33238, 33999, 75820, 76000, 93279-93281, 93286-93289, 93566, 93799, 0387T-0391T.


For answers to how to handle specific scenarios, turn to the FAQ section. Real-world solutions are available by searching for these codes and keywords on Code Connect:


  • Arthrography, Joint Manipulation: 21116, 23350, 24220, 27275
  • Fluoroscopy, Spinal Surgery: 22551, 63030, 76000
  • Integumentary System: 17999, 19283-19288
  • Musculoskeletal System: 22845-22847, 22849-22851
  • Wet Mounts and pH Testing: 83986, 87210.