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Still Coming to Grips With CPT® 2016 Changes? Check Out Specialty Analysis

Physician Coder subscribers can see analysis of specialty-specific CPT® code changes on their Physician Coder pages! And if you want to check out analysis of all CPT® 2016 updates, use the left side menu on your Coding Tools or Physician Coder page, and choose Coding/CPT®/2016 Code Changes to open SuperCoder’s CPT® 2016 Code Changes pages.


Plus: When you open a details page for a 2015 code that CPT® revises or deletes for 2016, you’ll see an Advice box. For instance, the 2016 Advice for +37250 lets you know 2016 deletes this codes, which related codes 2016 also deletes, and which replacement codes you’ll use in 2016. We hope the code change advice helps to make the transition to 2016 a smooth one!