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Right Click a Term on Any Site to Start Code Search With SuperCoder Smart Assistant

TCI debuted SuperCoder Smart Assistant at AAPC HEALTHCON 2017 on May 8, and now you can get this innovative coding helper, too!


The SuperCoder Smart Assistant bar remains on your browser window so you can search medical codes and CCI edits while you view any website, even a cloud-based EMR or online claim form.


How do you get it? SuperCoder Smart Assistant is a free Google Chrome browser extension (IE version coming soon). If you aren’t familiar with browser extensions, not to worry. Installation takes only a couple of clicks. You can read about and install SuperCoder Smart Assistant from here.


How do you use it? You’ll need a SuperCoder account with code search to use SuperCoder Smart Assistant’s features. You can log in to your existing account, or sign up for a free trial if you don’t have an active account. To get started, open the extension by clicking the TCI logo icon that appears at the top of your browser after installation.


Now the fun stuff: Searching a code is as simple as selecting text on a website, right clicking it, and choosing “Search with SuperCoder” when the menu appears. You also can use the search box in the SuperCoder Smart Assistant bar if you prefer. Either way you get results fast with access to descriptors and bonus features like lay terms without having to leave the website you’re on. And if your account includes CCI edits, don’t miss the CCI Edits Checker on the right of the bar.


So much convenience in one little package! Learn more about SuperCoder Smart Assistant here.