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Single Search of Codes, Indexes, Tables, Lay Terms, and Publications Coming July to SuperCoder
June 24, 2013

This July changes to all code search results for all code-search included products will streamline searching into one place. Having to look up codes in different areas is inefficient. If a web-based keyword search gives no results, you still have to double check the code's index and tables - or maybe search by range. Each time, you have to reenter the term or do another lookup.

Solution: SuperCoder's search enhancements allow the coder to enter a keyword once and see results from codesets' indexes, tables, and SuperCoder's enhanced vocabulary. You can filter the results by desired codeset(s) and result source(s). If weighted logic confuses you, you can even sort the code results numerically.

More Benefits:

  1. Tools: Click the Tools tab to search codes details without even going to a code's details page. Compare guidelines, lay terms, even historical data.
  2. History: Return to recent search results by selecting a previously search term or code under history.
  3. Publications: To see publications results including from CMS, simply click on Publications and search results instantly appear without requiring any term or code reentry.
  4. Store: Review web-based, print, e-Learning, CDs, and other products that can help you with your search term or code.