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Search CCI Edits on Code Details and Listing Pages

If your SuperCoder subscription includes CCI edits, checking those edits is simpler than ever.


Once you’re logged in, open a CPT® or HCPCS code details page, look under Compliance Tools/CCI Edit Alert. You’ll notice the usual list of codes the CCI bundles into your code, but you’ll also see an option to search for a code in that list. That’s a huge timesaver if your code is a major bundler!


You’ve got the same search option on a CPT® code listings page. Click the CCI-Edits button to see the edits in a pop-up and start your search!


You can continue to search for edit pairs in the CCI Edits Checker, too, of course. You can use the Checker on your Coding Tools page or use the standalone version, searching up to 25 codes at a time!