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Quickly Spot CPT® Guideline Changes by Looking for Green SuperCoder Text
January 8, 2013
If you cross 2013 updates off your to-do list without checking for any guidelines changes, your 2013 coding could be noncompliant. Meeting a code’s requirements also requires adhering to any definitions, documentation specifications, and/or rules listed in the code’s section or subsection guidelines.

For 2013, you have almost 150 CPT® guidelines changes to learn. Fortunately, with SuperCoder’s Code Search, you can quickly spot a code’s changed guidelines. Just like a coding manual, new and/or revised guidelines text is highlighted in green. And when combined with a Coding Alert online newsletter, you get all the confusing language in plain English choked full of expert advice and real-world coding scenarios.

How a Physician Coder works:
On a code’s page, scroll down to the left hand side to CPT® Guidelines to check for any changes. Read any article published in your specialty Coding Alert (complete archives and new articles added regularly included with each Physician Coder purchase).