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Our Search Bar Upgrade Lets You Refine Results From the Get-Go

The new button on our search bar is your key to faster code lookup! Click “Select” to narrow your keyword search from the start instead of waiting until you reach the results page.


It’s easy: Click Select on the bar, click your preferred source, enter you search term, and start your search!



Choose from these options:


  • Code Sets: See keyword search results based on TCI SuperCoder’s own algorithm.
  • Indexes: View index entries related to your keyword search.
  • Code Sets and Indexes: See results from both of the above sources.
  • Tools: Search CPT® and ICD-10-CM guidelines for your keyword.
  • Publications: Check the publications in your online coding package for your keyword.
  • Products: Find TCI SuperCoder products related to your keyword, such as anesthesia.


Helpful hints: You don’t have to make a selection from the drop-down list to perform a code or keyword search, but the option is there when you want it. And once you reach the results page, you’ll see the same choices you’ve always had for narrowing your search even more.


Tell us what you think: If you’ve got questions, comments, or suggestions for additional enhancements we can add to streamline your search, let us know!