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Newsletters - User-Friendly Universal Site Search Box Will Replace Pub Search Box
July 16, 2013
Newsletters - User-Friendly Universal Site Search Box Will Replace Pub Search Box

The search box on newsletter and coding solutions pages will be removed from all pages so that users can perform searches across the entire site from one consistent location. The new search box offers all the same functions of the current search plus new top-requested features like filtering results by date.

The new universal search box helps users return to the search without looking over each page for its unique search box location. You'll always find the search box at the top of the page.

Narrow Results by Publications, Filter Results by Newness

After entering your search query in the search box, you will see the results on a new page under the Publications tab. Under Narrow Your Search By, check the title(s) from which you'd like to view results.

The process will maintain the same number of steps as in your current newsletter search. If you do not have a subscription that includes Code Search or Stedman's, the Codes and Tools tabs will be locked and the Publications results will be the first screen you see.

Tip: On the search filters if you always want your search results to include only your Subscriptions or only Cardiology Coding Alert check the associated boxes. The checks will be saved and applied to future searches.

Apply Blue Box Search Options under Narrow Your Search By

See how the publications checkboxes available under the newsletter blue search box correspond to a checkbox under Narrow Your Search By.