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New Year and New Codes Right Around the Corner!

It’s quarterly update time again, and in January we get annual updates, too. On January 1, you’ll be able to search the updated 2018 CPT® code set and see lay terms on the code details pages. Watch for green text in the official guidelines of those pages to identify where the changes are for 2018.


Keep an eye out for 2018 updates in the fee schedule information for your codes, too. Tip: We include MUEs in the fee schedule section, and it’s important to check for updates to these frequency edits to avoid denials!


The latest version of edits will be ready to search in the CCI Edits Checker. You can check prior versions, too, to help you finish up those 2017 claims.


That’s not all, of course. Lots of other updates are in the works by the TCI SuperCoder team to help ensure you have a happy and profitable New Year!