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New CMS-1500 Real -Time Scrubber Coming October 1
September 26, 2012

On October 1, CMS-1500 Real-Time Scrubber subscribers will automatically access the new product. No action is needed on your part. You’ll automatically enjoy the added benefits the new scrubber offers when you go to the tool’s regular page on Monday morning.

The new Scrubber will do all the same things the current one does and adds these top-requested items:

  • Instant modifier check for proper usage of modifier 24, 25, 59 and more
  • Immediate coding verification with optional patient demographic entry
  • Physician Fee Schedule code status errors that alert the coder to non-billable Medicare combinations
  • CPT® concept checking that goes beyond CCI to reveal disallowed combos per AMA
  • Medical necessity verification against LCD, NCD, and ICD-9 CrossRef featuring private payer top reported diagnoses.