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Modifier Crosswalk Now Separated by Type of Service
September 24, 2012

Based on customer requests, SuperCoder’s Modifier Crosswalk is now divided according to whether the modifier is allowed for professional or ASC use.

Physician Coder subscribers’ Modifier Crosswalk tab title has been changed to Modifiers-P for modifiers for physician or professional use. In addition, ASC only modifiers such as Modifiers 73 and 74 have been removed from the crosswalk.

Outpatient Facility and DRG Coder subscribers will see an additional Modifier Crosswalk tab titled Modifiers - ASC & P. On this tab, the modifier and description color indicates which entity(ies) is(are) allowed to bill the modifier as follows:

  • ASC- Ambulatory Surgery Center Hospital Outpatient Use
  • ASC and P -Ambulatory Surgery Center and Physician
  • P (Physician or Professional)