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Meet TCI SuperCoder’s New MIPS Icon, Tab, and Quick Guide!

Ready for some help to simplify MIPS? TCI SuperCoder’s online coding solutions have three new additions for your toolkit. Log in to find these fantastic features!


1. MIPS Icon

On code details pages and listing pages, check the symbols box on the top left. If there’s a blue MIPS icon, you’ll know the code is related to a MIPS measure.


2. MIPS Tab

Look in the Crosswalks section of your code details page to find the MIPS tab. Once you click the tab, you’ll be able to choose your specialty. Then you’ll get results related to your code, showing the measure number, title, and specialties involved. Click the measure number for more details, including numerator codes, denominator information, and reporting methods and frequency.



3. MIPS Quick Guide

For a quick overview of MIPS, check out the FAQs in the MIPS Quick Guide. You can access it from the ribbon menu on the top of your Coding Tools page or Publications page, or open My SuperCoder on the top menu and click the MIPS Quick Guide option.