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Medicaid CCI Edits Checker Now Available From TCI SuperCoder!

We’ve got an all new way to help you produce cleaner claims faster! All of our TCI SuperCoder packages that have our Medicare CCI Edits Checker now include a Medicaid CCI Edits Checker, too.


If you use Fast Coder, Physician Coder, Multispecialty Coder, or Facility Coder, be sure to check it out. You’ll find it on the left-side menu of your Coding Tools or Coder page under Claims Edits/MCD CCI Edits Checker.


You’ll find handy features in the Medicaid CCI Edits Checker to increase accuracy and efficiency, like space for up to 25 codes, color-coded results that reveal modifier indicators, and the option to download results. And of course we’ll be updating the tool each quarter and keeping past versions available so you can update effortlessly and code correctly for your date of service.