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Looking for a Faster Approach to ICD-10 Coding? Check Out This Workflow Tool
October 14, 2015

Now that ICD-10 coding is an integral part of your daily tasks, you may be discovering that you need a better approach to ICD-10 workflow that supports code choice by providers, coding staff, and managers.


SuperCoder has you covered! View the demo of BoneCoder10, an intuitive approach to ICD-10 code choice for all specialties. Start by clicking the relevant spot in an anatomic image, narrow your choice using a few quick picklists, and then see the code, complete with guidelines to speed final code combo choice. You can even search by term or by code, if you prefer, or choose from a list of favorite code combinations, filterable by provider. Then drag and drop your codes to your EHR or practice management software to quickly check one more item off of your to do list.


Training: As you start coding your first claims under ICD-10, you may be discovering holes in your team’s training, too. For the complete package, ICD-10 Training Ultimate combines a solid foundation with specialty training in two eLearning courses (great for providers and coders), along with a subscription to ICD-10 Coding Alert, a monthly newsletter covering coding scenarios, application of guidelines, and the latest ICD-10 news.