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Tap Into LCD Lookup Tool’s New Search Options and Expanded Results
January 30, 2014

On Feb. 3, 2014, SuperCoder’s popular LCD Lookup tool will add to its arsenal of user-friendly features to make finding payer policies even faster and simpler.

Choose between CPT®/HCPCS and LCD title search
A new LCD Lookup feature will make it easier to find the LCD you need. If you want to search by CPT® or HCPCS code, enter the code in the Search by Procedure box. If you know a word or phrase in the title of the LCD, you can enter that in the LCD Title box.


ZIP Code option streamlines search process
You’ll have two options when you want to narrow your LCD search by location. Choose from a dropdown list of geographic areas or enter the ZIP Code that applies to the claim.


4 fee types make the search speedier
You’ll be able to make quick work of choosing your contractor type in the upgraded LCD Lookup. Instead of sorting through a long list of options, you’ll be able to make a quick pick from 4 fee types.


1 click opens payer’s related coding articles
LCD Lookup will offer more information than ever before, helping to keep your coding on track. When you select an LCD, you’ll be able to access articles that the payer has published related to its LCD. You’ll also find links to any associated NCDs and to all versions of the LCD (e.g., archived versions) available on