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Join Pre-Conference Sessions at Coding Con to Add to Your CEUs and Savvy

While you’re considering which track to choose at the 13th annual CodingCon in Orlando, be sure to check out the December 2 pre-conference session options, too. At 4 CEUs each, they add a powerful punch to your CEU total. (Add a post-conference session, too, to take home another 4 CEUs along with the 10 from the main conference.)


Pick the Pre-Conference That’s Right for You


Check out the interactive workshops available at the pre-conference on December 2:


  • Billing Strategies and Process Changes: Examine all the elements of billing and where you can affect the workflow, procedures, and policies to make the billing process more efficient and effective for your practice.
  • Coding and Billing for Midwives: Discuss midwifery practice along with how to bill and receive payment. Plus, take home a template for designing and implementing a midwifery service, whether independent or as a part of an existing practice.
  • Defining and Documenting Medical Necessity: Help your physicians document appropriately to support why they did what they did, use that documentation to assign the right codes and modifiers, and discover strategies for appealing to receive the payment deserved.
  • Fighting Payer Audits and Compliance Errors: In the session “Fighting Payer Recoupment,” get insights into the process of fighting a payer audit and discuss the steps to appeal the recoupment. In a second session, “The Dirty Dozen,” take a close look at the top compliance errors and learn if your practice falls into any of the billing, coding, and compliance traps.
  • ICD-10 Anatomy: Learning in Motion: In “Roll With the Punches – Learn ICD-10 While You Move,” grab a foam roller, and let go of muscle tension while you learn ICD-10 coding in an invigorating movement assessment and rehabilitation class.
  • Services for Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants: If you have a mid-level or are thinking of adding one, understanding the policies and how they apply to your practice is imperative. The OIG has these services on their “hit list,” so staying off the radar with the information you’ll learn from the session “Utilizing NPs and PAs – Optimizing Revenue” is a must.


Then Create Your Own Agenda Choosing From Multiple Tracks


At CodingCon 2015, you can choose to attend main conference sessions that are not in your track. There’s no extra cost! Select training from the ICD-10-CM tracks or choose your specialty track, which will include targeted solutions to ICD-10 postimplementation challenges, as well as any relevant CPT® 2016 and HCPCS 2016 updates:



Sneak preview: Webinars sharing session details are available at, with more sneak previews still to come.


You can register for CodingCon online, or call 1-866-251-3060 to find about the best rates available to you and your team!