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Improved CMS-1500 Scrubber with Optional Demographic Fields Coming Soon
September 18, 2012

The SuperCoder team has listened to your concerns on the CMS-1500 Real-Time Scrubber and in September will introduce a new Scrubber that solves these issues. The new Scrubber will do all the same things the current one does and adds these top-requested items:

  • Quick-start feature with optional patient demographic entries so you can jump straight to code combo checking
  • CPT® concept checking that goes beyond CCI to reveal disallowed combos per AMA
  • Physician Fee Schedule code status errors that alert the coder to non-billable Medicare combinations
  • Medical necessity verification against LCD, NCD, and ICD-9 crossref featuring private payer top reported diagnoses
  • Modifier crosswalk to check for proper usage of modifier 24, 25, 59 and more.

Bonus: As a current subscriber, you get all the great benefits of the all new CMS-1500 Real-Time Scrubber without any added expense.

Actions: Keep watching the Scrubber news for two important notices:

  • Opening of a Beta Version so you can test drive the new Scrubber and share your feedback
  • Product change date – the day your Scrubber access will automatically change to the new product.