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Improve Your CPT® Workflow With 3 New Features From TCI SuperCoder
CPT® code details pages just got convenient updates you won’t want to miss! Make the most of your TCI SuperCoder account by using these handy options.
Move boxes: Want Compliance Tools directly under CPT® Official Code Descriptor? You can do that! Drag and drop boxes so they’re in the order you want them from top to bottom. To make that order the default for all of your CPT® details pages, click the Save Layout computer disk icon on the top right of the page.
Swap scrolling for tabs: BETOS, Guidelines, Upcoming & Historical Information, and Lay Term are now in a single, space-saving box to reduce the scrolling required to get to your top data.
Set Crosswalks order: Decide the order for your Crosswalks tabs by clicking Set Order. Choose your top crosswalk as number one so it’s the first one you see when you view the Crosswalks box.