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Get to Know 2016 Updates for ICD-10-PCS Codes With the Latest Coding Clinic

AHA Coding Clinic® for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, Vol. 2, No. 4, features new and revised ICD-10-PCS codes contained in the 2016 coding manual. The issue elucidates guidelines and clinical scenarios for reporting drug coated balloon angioplasty in peripheral vessels as well as for the new “Section X New Technology,” which describes reporting of new equipment and new technology drugs used during a procedure.

Plus, reading the latest issue will improve your understanding about the latest changes in official guidelines for ICD-10-PCS codes and use of the PCS device key and device aggregation table. Also, get the benefit of various clinical scenarios for reporting ICD-10-PCS codes for congenital heart corrective procedures and vascular access devices. To get spot-on guidance, simply type a code or keyword into SuperCoder’s AHA Coding Clinic® code and keyword search to update your skills on these topics:

  • Applying Past Issues of AHA Coding Clinic for  ICD-9-CM to ICD-10
  • Changes to the ICD-10-PCS Official Guidelines for Coding and Reporting: XW04321
  • Coding Advice on Excludes 1: F01-F99, I60-I69, R40-R46, S06
  • Congenital Heart Corrective Procedures: 021K0KP, 02UM0JZ, 5A1221Z
  • Corrective Surgery for Transposition of the Great Arteries, Atrial Septal Defect, and Patent Ductus Arteriosus: 02LR0ZT, 02SP0ZZ, 02SW0ZZ, 02Q50ZZ, 02UW07Z, 5A1221Z
  • Drug-Coated Balloon Angioplasty in Peripheral Vessels: 047K0D1, 047K0Z1, 047K041, 047K341, 047K3D1, 047K3Z1, 047K441, 047K4D1, 047K4Z1, 047L041, 047L0D1, 047L0Z1, 047L341, 047L3D1, 047L3Z1, 047L441, 047L4D1, 047L4Z1, 047M041, 047M0D1, 047M0Z1, 047M341, 047M3D1, 047M3Z1, 047M441, 047M4D1, 047M4Z1, 047N041, 047N0D1, 047N0Z1, 047N341, 047N3D1, 047N3Z1, 047N441, 047N4D1, 047N4Z1
  • Dural Patch Graft
  • ICD-10-PCS Device Key and Device Aggregation Table
  • Repair of Truncus Arteriosus With Repair of Truncal Valve and Ventricular Septal Defect: 021K0KP, 02UF08Z, 02UM08Z, 5A1221Z
  • Section X Codes: 027034Z, 02HV33Z,  047K3D1, 047L3Z1, 07TP0ZZ, 0JH63VZ, XW03341, XW04321, XW04351, X2C0361, X2C1361, X2C2361, XR2G021, XR2H021, XW03321, XW03331, XW03351, XW04331, XW04341, XW04351
  • Vascular Access Devices: 02H633Z, 02HV33Z, 02PY33Z, 0JH60XZ, 0JH63XZ, 0JPT0XZ, 0JH63XZ, B518ZZA.

The latest Coding Clinic® also includes its targeted Ask the Editor section, providing answers for specific scenarios for reporting ICD-10-CM/ICD-10-PCS codes for externalization of peritoneal dialysis catheter, Ravitch procedure, and many more scenarios. To find the help you need, search for these codes and keywords on SuperCoder’s AHA Coding Clinic® tool:

  • Code Number in Lieu of a Diagnosis
  • Externalization of Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter: 0JWT33Z
  • Gestational Diabetes and Oral Medication: O24.419, Z79.899
  • Ravitch Operation: 0PS00ZZ
  • Use of ICD-10-CM’s 7th Character in the Home Health Setting: S31.613A,   S72.002D, T81.4XXD, T84.51XA, Z48.01, Z48.815.