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Get to the Root of Root Operation Detachment Qualifiers in Q2 Coding Clinic

Dig in to the ICD-10-PCS root operation “Detachment” in AHA Coding Clinic® for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS, Vol. 4, No. 2. The top article takes you body area by body area to help you better understand the qualifier values.

The popular Ask the Editor section takes up the vast majority of the latest Coding Clinic®, with answers to dozens of questions. To find the help you need, search for codes and keywords like these on SuperCoder’s AHA Coding Clinic® tool:

  • Compartment syndrome: 0KNT0ZZ, 0KNV0ZZ
  • Electronic cigarettes: F17.210, F17.290
  • Encephalopathy: G93.40, G93.41, G93.49, G94
  • Newborn: P28.81, Z38.00, Z38.01
  • Nicotine dependence: F14.21, Z87.891
  • tPA: I63.8, T45.615A, 3E0L3GC.