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New Coding Clinic Reveals Insights Into New and Revised Codes Effective Oct. 1, 2016

AHA Coding Clinic® for ICD-10-CM and PCS, Vol. 3, No. 4, updates you about the addition of new and revised ICD-10-CM and PCS codes implemented Oct. 1, 2016, covering a wide range of specialties. This issue will also guide you on the importance of adding laterality and using seventh characters to identify stages of severity in diabetes. These concepts relate to the addition of roughly 250 new codes for diabetic ophthalmic complications alone.

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Guideline Changes for Coding and Reporting, ICD-10-CM: A00, A92.5, B99, E00, E89, F45.8, G47.63, I00, I12, I13, I16, I21 , I50.- , I51.4-I51.9, I63, I99, L00, L89, L99, M00, M99, N18, O00, O08, O09, O24.4 , O80, O9A, P00, P96, R00, R29.7-, R40.2-, R99, S00, T76, T88, X92, Y07, Y09, Z00, Z00.0-, Z04.41, Z04.42, Z05, Z19, Z20.828, Z29, Z33.32, Z38, Z3A, Z51, Z68, Z72, Z79.4, Z79.84, Z99

Guideline Changes for Coding and Reporting, ICD-10-PCS

Assist Device, Heart: 02H, 02HA3RS, 02PA3RZ, 5A0, 5A0221D


ICD-10-CM Updates

Abnormal Findings, Diagnostic Imaging: R93.4-R93.49

Abnormal Prostate Specific Antigen Levels: R97, R97.2- R97.21

Age-Related Macular Degeneration: H35.311-H35.319, H35.321-H35.329, H35.361, H35.362, Z01.01

Amblyopia: H53.04- H53.049

Arterial Tortuosity Syndrome: Q87.82

Autoinflammatory Syndromes: M04- M04.9

Bacteriuria: R82.7-R82.79

Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental Disorders: F01, F32.81, F32.89, F34.81, F34.89, F42-F42.9, F50.81, F50.89, F64, F64.1, F80.82, F99, L98.1, N94.3

Bladder Pain, Chronic: R39.8-R39.89

Bunion, Bunionette: M20.1-, M21.6-M21.619, M21.621-M21.629

Car Occupant Injured in Collision: V47

Cardiac and Vascular Prosthetic Devices, Complications: T83-T83.729

Castleman Disease: D47.Z, D47.Z2

Cerebral Infarction, Bilateral: I63

Cervical Disc Disorders: M50.0-M50.9

Choking Game: Y93.8, Y93.85, R41.0, T71.191A

Coarctation and Atresia, Aorta: Q25.1-Q25.29

Cognitive Sequelae, Cerebrovascular Diseases: I69

Complications of Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, Newborn: E83.41, P00-P04, Z05, Z05.41, Z38.00

Concussion: S06, S06.0, S06.0X9, S06.1-, S06.6-, S06.81-, S06.82-

Congenital Malformations, Aorta: Q25.4-Q25.49

Constipation: K59.03, K59.04

Contact With Sharp Objects: W26-W26.9

Dental Codes: K04-K08

Diabetes, Ophthalmic Complications: E08.3- E13.3

Dislocations and Sprains, Jaw: S03.0, S03.4

Dyspareunia: N94.1- N94.19

Ectopic and Molar Pregnancy: O00.00-O00.91, O09.1, O09.10-O09.13, O09.A, O09.A0- O09.A3

Excessive Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue: L98, L98.7

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: K86, K86.81, K86.89

Femoral Fractures, Atypical: M84.75, T45.8X5A, Z79.83

Fossa Navicularis Urethral Stricture, Postprocedural: N99.11, N99.113, N99.115

Fracture, Foot: S92.81

Gastroenteritis and Colitis, Noninfective: K52-K52.839

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor: C49.A-C49.A0

Genitourinary Prosthetic Devices, Complications: T82.81-T82.84, T82.855-T82.858, T82.86

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: O24.4-O24.435

Glasgow Coma Scale: R40.2-, R40.21-, R40.22-, R40.23-, R40.24-

Glaucoma: H40.1- H40.119

Gluten Sensitivity and Malabsorption, Non-Celiac: K90.4, K90.41, K90.49

Hearing Loss: H90.A11- H90.A32, Z01.10, Z86.69

Hematoma, Hemorrhage, and Seroma, Postprocedural: D78.-, E89.8.-, G97.-, H59.3.-, H95.-, I97.6.-, J95.8.-, K91.-, L76.-, M96.8-, M96.841, N99.8-

Hematuria, Microscopic: R31.2-R31.29

Hypercholesterolemia: E78.0-E78.01

Hypertension in Pregnancy: O10-O16

Hypertensive Crisis, Urgency, and Emergency: I10, I15, I16.0- I16.9, I61.0, I16.1, 00C00ZZ

Internal Prosthetic Devices, Complications: T85-T85.89

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: K58.1-K58.8

Longitudinal Vaginal Septum: N89.7, Q52.12- Q52.129, 0U9G7ZZ, 0WJJ4ZZ

Low Birth Weight Infant: P05.09, P05.19

Mast Cell Activation Syndromes: D89.4- D89.49

Maternal Care for Disproportion, Fetal Deformities: O30, O33.7

Mediastinitis: J98.5- J98.59, T81.-

Megacolon: K59.31, K59.39

Metatarsus Primus Varus and Metatarsus Adductus, Congenital: Q66.2-Q66.22

Micturition: R39.19-R39.198

Mononeuropathies, Limbs: G56.03-G56.43, G56.83, G56.93, G57.03-G57.93

Multifocal Motor Neuropathy: G61.82

National Institutes of Health Stroke Scale: R29.7-, I63-, I63.9, R29.730

Ovary, Fallopian Tube and Broad Ligament, Noninflammatory Disorders: N83-N83.5-

Overexertion: S39.012A, X50-X50.9-, X50.3, X50.0XXA, Y93.F2

Pain in Hand Joints: M25.5- M25.549

Pancreatitis, Acute: K85- K85.9-

Perineal Laceration During Delivery, Third Degree: O70.2- O70.23

Periorbital Cellulitis: L03.21, L03.213

Periprosthetic Fractures: M84.454A, M97-M97.8, S72.401A, T84.01, T84.04

Placenta Previa: O44-O44.5

Postprocedural Erectile Dysfunction: N52.3-N52.37

Pre-Cerebral and Vertebral Arteries, Aneurysm and Dissection: I72.5- I77.79

Prediabetes: R73.03, R73.09

Pre-Pubertal Vaginal Bleeding: N93.1

Pulsatile Tinnitus: D44.7, H93.A1- H93.A9, 03VM3DZ

Retinal Vein Occlusion: H34.8

Sacral Dimple, Congenital: Q82.6

Salter-Harris Fracture and Other Physeal Fractures, Foot and Ankle: S99- S99.29

Sarcopenia: M84.75, T45.8X5A, Z79.83

Skull and Facial Bones, Fracture: S02.1- S02.8

Small Acinar Proliferation, Atypical: N42.3, N42.39

Stoma of Urinary Tract, Complications: N99.5-N99.533

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders: M26.6- M26.63

Testicular and Scrotal Pain: N50.8- N50.89

Unintended Awareness, General Anesthesia: T88.5, T88.53, T88.53XA, Z92.8, Z92.84

Unspecified Behavior Kidney and Genitourinary Organ, Neoplasm: D49.511- D49.59

Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction, Acquired: N13, N13.0, N13.5

Urinary Incontinence: N39.42, N39.491, N39.49, N39.492

Uterine Scar, Previous Surgery: O34.21, O34.211, O34.212, O34.219, O34.29, Z98.891

Vascular Disorders, Intestine: K55, K55.01- K55.04-, K55.30- K55.33

Vulva, Hypertrophy of N90.6- N90.69

Z-codes Update: O34.2, Z05.0- Z05.9, Z19.1, Z19.2, Z22.5, Z29 - Z29.14, Z29.3 , Z29.8, Z29.9, Z30 - Z30.017, Z30.44 - Z30.46, Z33, Z33.3, Z31.7, Z40, Z51.6,  Z53.31-Z53.39, Z79.84, Z83.42, Z84.82, Z92.84 Z98.890, Z98.891

Zika Virus: A92.5, G93.89, O28.3, O35.3XX0, O98.512, O98.513, P35.8, Q02, Z03.73, Z03.79, Z20.828, Z34.--, Z38.00, Z3A.16, Z3A.20, Z3A.22, Z3A.32, Z71.1, Z86.1


ICD-10-PCS Updates

Application of Wound Matrix

Bone Marrow and Stem Cell Transfusion

Branched and Fenestrated Endograft Repair, Aneurysms: 02V, 02VW3DZ, 04V, 04V03E6, 04V03F6, 04VC3EZ, 04VD3EZ

Cerebral Embolic Filtration: X2A

Congenital Heart Defects, Correction: 021, 02L, 02Q, 024F08J, 024F0JJ, 024G0J2, 024G0K2, 024J0J2, 024J0K2, 02S, 02U, 02UF0KJ, 02UG0JE, 02UJ0KG, 02UM08Z, 02QF0ZJ, 02QG0ZE, 02QJ0ZG, 02S10ZZ, 02SP0ZZ, 02SX0ZZ

Coronary and Peripheral Artery Bifurcation: 027, 037, 03C, 047, 04V, 02C, 0271356, 0270346, 02703ZZ, 04CK3Z6, 047K3Z6

Cranial Cavity and Brain, Substances Applied: 3E0Q005

Donor Organ Perfusion

Fluorescence Vascular Angiography: 4A1

Hip and Knee Devices, Removal and Revision: 0SP, 0SPR0JZ, 0SP909Z, 0SRR0J9, 0SUA09Z, 0SW, 0SWW0JZ

Intracardiac Pacemaker: 02H, 02P, 02PA3NZ, 02W, 02WA3NZ

Magnetic Growth Rods, Placements: XNS

Number of Arteries, Coronary Artery: 021, 027, 02C, 02Q, 02S, X2C, 02100AW, 021109W, 02100Z9

Number of Stents, Coronary Artery: 027136Z, 02703EZ, I25.810, 027037Z

Number of Stents, Peripheral Artery

Partial Knee Replacement: 0SR, 0SRD0JZ, 0SRD0LZ

Phrenic Neurostimulator: 05H, 05H032Z, 05H43MZ, 05P, 05W, 0JH60MZ

Rapid Deployment, Aortic Valve: X2R

Root Operation Control: I97.42, Z53.31, 0W3, 0W3F0ZZ, 0W3P8ZZ, 0X3, 0Y3

Root Operation Creation: 02Q, 02U, 024, 0W4

Thoracic, Ascending/Arch, and Descending Aorta: 021, 025, 027, 02B, 02C, 02H, 02N, 02Q, 02R, 02S, 02U, 02V

Transplantation: 0WY, 0XY


Ask the Editor: The latest Coding Clinic® also includes its targeted Ask the Editor section, providing answers for specific scenarios and news for reporting ICD-10-CM and PCS codes for arthritis, diabetes, osteomyelitis, Lewy body dementia, high-risk pregnancy, and many more topics. To find the help you need, search for these codes and keywords on SuperCoder’s code and keyword search:

Arthritis, Default ICD-10-CM Code: M19.90

Atrial Septal Defect, Repair: 021V09S

Clinical Criteria and Code Assignment

Diabetes and Osteomyelitis: E08, E08.69, E11.69, E11.9, E13.69

Diabetic Cataract

High-Risk Pregnancy, Supervision: O09, O09.523, O80

Lewy Body Dementia: F02-, F02.80, G31.83

Modified Warden Procedure, Septal Defect: 021V08S

Osteoarthritis, Hip, Bilateral Primary: M16.0

Osteoarthritis, Left Knee: M17.12, M17.9

Osteoarthritis, Right Shoulder: M19.011

POA Indicator for Pressure Ulcer Progression: L89.622, L89.623

Readmission Post Myocardial Infarction: I21

Use of X-Ray for Pain.