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Now Find an ICD-10 eLearning Icon on Your Home Page

The SuperCoder teams have been working to eliminate duplicate entries to reduce the confusion caused by multiple links. The ICD-10 menu links are all reachable from other locations so SuperCoder will be removing ICD-10 from the horizontal navigation tab.

ICD-10 eLearning: If you have an eLearning product in addition to a product containing Code Search, you will see an eLearning icon on your home page. Click the icon to go to your SuperCoder ICD-10 eLearning course while remaining logged into SuperCoder.

  • My SuperCoder home page users can find the ICD-10 eLearning icon on top right.


Coding Solutions users can find the ICD-10 eLearning icon on the top right of a Coder home page.