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Get the AHA Coding Clinic® View on New FNA and Biopsy Codes

Still learning the nuances of CPT® 2019 updates for fine needle aspiration and skin biopsy coding? AHA HCPCS Coding Clinic®, vol. 19, no. 1, takes you through the codes and the guidelines to help ensure you’re reporting these frequently performed services correctly.


Add-on codes and new HCPCS codes also feature in this issue. Here are some examples of codes and keywords you can search on TCI SuperCoder’s Coding Clinic Connector to find articles and For Your Information guidance:


  • Add-on codes: 37238, 93312, 93321, 93325, 50, LT RT
  • Code changes and deletion: A9513, A9589, C9014-C9016, C9024, C9028-C9034, C9275, C9463-C9468, C9492, C9493, C9497, J0185, J0517, J0567, J1301, J1454, J1628, Q2040
  • Fine needle aspiration, biopsy: 10002, 10004-10012, 10021, 11100-11107, 59
  • New HCPCS codes: C1890, C9035-C9039, C9407, C9408, J0584, J2186, J3591, J9044, Q4183-Q4198, Q4200-Q4204, Q5107-Q5111, ER.


Surgery takes over the Ask the Editor section in this quarterly issue. Search for these topics to find answers on TCI SuperCoder’s Coding Clinic Connector:


  • External spinal neurostimulator generator: 63650, C1778
  • Hybrid hernia: 49560, 49568, C1781
  • Intracranial venous stent: 61635, 37238.