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Benefit From Coding Clinic® Insights Into Clinical Brachytherapy and HCPCS Pass-Through Device Codes

AHA Coding Clinic® for HCPCS, Vol. 16, No. 3, updates you about the use of clinical brachytherapy CPT® code range 77750 to 77799. The issue will brief you about code changes resulting from advancement in cancer treatment services. Hint: Several CPT® codes now include dosimetry. The issue also provides details about why coding pass-through device category codes matters:

  • Pass-Through Device Category Codes: 33224, 33225, C1713, C1725-C1733, C1760-C1787, C1814-C1818, C1874-C1888, C1892, C1900, C2615-C2631
  • Clinical Brachytherapy Codes: 77300, 77750, 77761-77778, 77785-77799, 0182T, 0394T, 0395T, A9527, C1716-C1719, C2616, C2634-C2645, C2698, C2699.


The latest Coding Clinic® also includes its targeted Ask the Editor and For Your Information sections, providing answers for specific scenarios and news for reporting HCPCS codes for sacroiliac joint fusion, multiple lithotripsies, multiple laparoscopic hernia repairs, and many more topics. Don’t miss what this authoritative resource has to say about important issues like these:

  • Breast Implant Removal: 19328, 19340, 21501
  • Modifiers LT, RT, and 50: 55040, 55041
  • Multiple Joint Components, Replacement: C1776
  • Zika Virus Testing, Reporting: 59000, 76801-76810, 76816, 76946, 86382, 86790.

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