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Get HCPCS Level II 2013 Code Changes
December 11, 2012
Get HCPCS Level II 2013 Code Changes Plus Retain 2012 Fees into the New Year – only on Specialty Physician Coder
Now is the time to review your super bills to update them in preparation for more than 150 new and deleted HCPCS level II codes. Otherwise, you could be facing denials for drugs and other supplies come Jan. 1, 2013.

Coders often struggle to find the HCPCS code changes pertinent to their specialty but this year subscribers to Physician Coder will be able to do so in a single click. Starting this week, a new Historical Reference toolbar will be introduced on Physician Coder coding solutions. Physician Coder subscribers will be able to view their specialty’s associated HCPCS level II new and deleted codes and access changes for all specialties.

That’s not all the added info coming to each Physician Coder – offered in 35+ specialties! Here are the new features that’ll make transitioning to 2013 easier than ever.
  • 2012 Fee Schedules: You’ll be able to access information from six fee schedules for 2012 fees allowing subscribers to check 2012 fees, RVUs, and MUEs. No more worries about losing 2012 fee data for slow-to-change insurers and old EOB processing.
  • CPT® 2013 Code Changes: View new and deleted codes for each CPT® 2013 section.
  • E/M Guidelines: Tons of new definitions are added to the 2013 E/M Guidelines. Read them in book-like form in a single click – printable too.
  • HCPCS 2013 Code Changes: No need to sift through all the codes. Get the scoop on new and revised codes affecting your specialty and then link to all changes for a complete picture.
  • Deleted Codes: Connect to archived code information divided by codeset so you can find historical code info including lay terms, CCI edits, allowed modifiers without having to know the code number.