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Get to Know SuperCoder’s New 'Exact Keyword Match' Search Feature

We know you want to be able to type keywords into your online code search and find the right code fast. To get you to the correct code even quicker, SuperCoder now displays your search results in two separate groups: Exact Keyword Match and Other Related Results!


You’ll find these results under SuperCoder Keyword Code Helper on the results page. Look under Exact Keyword Match for codes that have the terms you searched in the code descriptor, lay term, or our coder-created database. If you don’t find the code you need there, check Other Related Results for codes that are close to your exact search but offer a wider range of options.



Bonus: Watch for these other recent enhancements as you use SuperCoder search:


  • Crosswalk: When your search retrieves Exact Keyword Match CPT® results, but not ICD-10-CM options, the results page will display ICD-10-CM codes that crosswalk to your CPT® results. The goal is to help you find all the codes you need. Similarly, when no CPT® results are found, you’ll see CPT® codes that cross to ICD-10-CM results.
  • Category, not range: Did you ever notice that TCI SuperCoder search results used to display the range first and then the codes when you had multiple related results? To help streamline your review, you’ll now find results display with the category rather than the range as the first result (such as, M75 rather than M70-M79).
  • Special characters: Your search terms can now include apostrophes, slashes, plus signs, and hyphens. For those of you with a newsletter as part of your subscription, these changes should improve your publication search, too!