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Find Newsletters, Survival Guides and CMS All under Publications
August 08, 2014

To speed you to your Coding Alert and Healthcare Compliance Newsletters, Survival Guides, and CMS documents, SuperCoder will be moving all articles under Publications. Locate your subscribed articles plus CMS, OIG and other agency documents under Publications.

Locate Your Subscribed Articles

  1. Login. Your newsletter articles will automatically show under Publications, Coding Newsletters
  2. View your most recent issue’s articles and access all archives by clicking on the  before the newsletter title.
  3. To go directly to a newsletter’s home page, just click on your newsletter’s specialty in the left window
  4. Access 14 Survival Guides under Survival Guides.
  5. To read, CMS, OIG and other agency documents, click on Government


Add More Publications by Logging Out

Get more coding, compliance, and medical information from AHA Coding Clinics, AMA CPT Assistant, Coding Books, ICD-9/ICD-10 Charts, Stedman’s Dictionary. To review a product, log out. Click on Publications and the respective icons on top.