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Fast Coder, Physician Coder Quick Access Modifiers-P Button
October 22, 2012

Jump to Modifier, CrossRef Info Right on CPT Neighborhood Page

If you’re looking for a quick way to see modifier info at a glance, SuperCoder's CPT® hierarchy pages now hold the key. Fast Coder and Physician Coder subscribers now can simply click on the Modifiers – P, button and see the code’s allowed physician modifiers.

SuperCoder added this popup along with popups for Modifiers – ASC & P* and ICD-9 Vol 3 CrossRef ** based on subscriber requests. "Ideally, key modifier info displayed with each code on a 'neighborhood' list would be the fastest way to find what I need," suggested Carol Wright, CPC, with Arnot Medical Services in New York. "You guys have really been responsive to suggestions, comments and it is appreciated."

Click on Modifiers-P and see:

* Modifiers – ASC &P is included in Outpatient Facility Coder.
** ICD-9 V3X is included in DRG Coder.