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Goodbye Exclusives, Hello Info Where You Need It
You probably noticed that the SuperCoder teams have been working diligently to make finding the information coders need to use more intuitive. To reduce the confusion multiple paths cause, SuperCoder will be removing most of the horizontal navigation tabs and relocating the information to its related main area.
The first navigation streamlining step was to remove the Exclusives tab. Here’s where you can now find the same info.

Exclusive Relocations by Home Page

Exclusives Menu

CEU Quizzes
Learn More

Learn More

Job Board
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CMS Center
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CEU Tracker is Next to Newsletters and Under
Reach the CEU Tracker by clicking next to your home page's newsletters issues.

Coding Solutions (Coder) home page users can find on the newsletter gray bar.

From any page, get to your CEU Tracker under.

Bonus: Access this page even after if your subscription is inactive.

Reach Webinars from Home or Account

My SuperCoderhome page users can find Webinars under News.

All users can find Webinars under

Job Board is Removed
Based on numerous requests, the job board has been removed from the site.

CMS Center is Under Coding Tools or Publications
Look for the Compliance bar at the bottom of the Coding Tools or Publications (soon replacing Coding Newsletters) menus.

You can also search keywords and find associated articles from Compliance Documents under Narrow Your Search By.