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Discover CPT® 2018 Changes At-a-Glance on TCI SuperCoder

One of our features that coders love most — a handy list of CPT® changes for the upcoming year — is now available! If you’ve got a subscription that includes code search, here’s how to find the list once you’re logged in and on the Coding Tools page.


  • Option 1: On the left menu, open Coding/CPT®. Choose 2018 Code Changes to view new, revised, and deleted codes broken down into sections, such as E/M, Anesthesia, and Integumentary.
  • Option 2: On the left menu, open Coding/Upcoming Changes/CPT®. A new page will open with one list of all additions, another list of all revisions, and a third list of all deletions.


Don’t forget: Your CPT® code details page includes a section for a code’s Upcoming and Historical Information. You’ll get a brief look there at how the code changed. For complete analysis of the changes that matter most to you, upgrade to the Physician Coder that includes a Coding Alert newsletter specific to your specialty.