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Crosswalk Your Way to Cleaner Claims With SuperCoder Updates

SuperCoder has made it even easier to access crosswalks.


To help streamline your workflow, we’ve added the following options to the Coding Tools page in both the left navigation pane and the widgets (those moveable boxes in the center of the page):

  • CPT® ↔ ICD-10-CM
  • CPT® ↔ ICD-10-PCS
  • CPT® ↔ HCPCS.


But we didn’t stop there. You now have more tools available on ICD-10-CM code listing pages, too. That means when you view an ICD-10-CM code within its range, you have instant access to these tools:

  • CPT® X-Ref
  • DRG X-Ref
  • ICD-9-CM X-Ref.


Helpful hint: The tools and crosswalks you have access to vary by subscription. For instance, you’ll find DRG and PCS tools in DRG Coder.