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TAP Into Latest CPT® Assistant’s Advice on Reporting Anesthesia Blocks

The June 2015 CPT® Assistant is chock full of advice for reporting the year’s new codes for transversus abdominis plane (TAP) local anesthesia blocks. Before these codes arrived, you didn’t have any specific codes that accurately reflected these peripheral nerve blocks applied to anesthetize the anterior abdominal wall nerves inabdominal or pelvic surgery patients. But the 2015 CPT® code set features specific codes to report TAP block procedures. The issue spells out the guidelines and provides real-world clinical examples that assist you to appropriately report the codes for TAP block.

Other areas featured in the latest CPT® Assistant include cystourethroscopy with transprostatic implants as well as stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). You will also benefit from a radiostereometricanalysis exam clinical scenario and an ICD-10 case scenario featured in this issue. Take advantage of’s Code Connect code and keyword search to keep your skills up to date on these topics:


  • CystourethroscopyWith Transprostatic Implants: 52282, 52310, 52441-52601, 52648-52649, 53850-53852, 53855, 53899
  • ICD-10-CM Case Scenario: Hypertensive Heart Disease
  • Radiostereometric Analysis: 0348T-0350T
  • Thoracic Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy:31626, 32553, 32701, 32999, 61796-61800, 63620-63621, 77295, 77331, 77370, 77373, 77435, 77427-77499
  • Transversus Abdominis Plane Block: 64420-64425, 64450, 64486-64489.


The latest selection of CPT® Assistant FAQs also provides guidance for a variety of areas. Find authoritative answers in a snap by looking for these codes and topics on Code Connect:


  • Cervical Discectomy: 63081
  • Digestive System : 45384
  • Drug Assay: 80304, 82009-84830
  • Infectious Agent Detection by Nucleic Acid: 87625
  • Immunohistochemistry : 88341-88344, 88360-88361
  • Musculoskeletal System: 23412, 23700, 25118, 26440, 26525, 29805
  • Wheelchair Management: 97001, 97535, 97542.