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7 Fracture Care Coding Examples Kick Off Latest CPT® Assistant

7 Fracture Care Coding Examples Kick Off Latest CPT® Assistant

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to coding fracture care, and the recently published CPT® Assistant (January 2018) wants to help. Seven emergency department clinical scenarios with variations including emergency physician treatment and orthopedic surgeon involvement bring light to this confusing area of coding.

Before getting to the FAQ section, this issue also provides some quick information about corrections to the CPT® subsection for Proprietary Laboratory Analyses (PLA). To learn more about these topics, search these terms using TCI SuperCoder's Code Connect:

  • Fracture care, dislocations: 20670-20697, 21073, 21310, 21315, 24516, 24685, 27198, 27752, 29000-29799, 99070, 22, 25, 54, 56, 57
  • Proprietary Laboratory Analyses: 0007U, 0020U.

The FAQ section, as always, covers a wide range of topics. Search these codes and keywords in TCI SuperCoder's Code Connect to learn more:

  • Biceps tenotomy, debridement: 29822, 29823
  • Digestive system surgery: 45378, 45398, 46221, 46600, 49654, 49655
  • Nervous system surgery: 64640, 64999
  • Water-deprivation testing: 84588.