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2014 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule featured in latest CPT® Assistant

The just released February 2014 CPT® Assistant gives you the scoop on the changes made in the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule in 2014. The detailed changes described for Medicare physician payment help you to understand various recommendations made for different services like site-specific psychotherapy services, high expenditure procedures, and more. Also find out how the physicians facing problems with electronic prescribing incentives can request that CMS review their case. You'll also get details on Multiple Procedure Payment Reduction policies and how they pertain to specific CPT® codes. (Hint: You can check them in Medicare RBRVS: The Physician's guide, RBRVS Data Manager, and also on the CMS website.)

Other updates in the February 2014 CPT® Assistant include preparation for the ICD-10 code set and rigid and transnasal esophagoscopy coding. You can also use's Code Connect search to update your skills on the following topics:

  • ICD-10 preparation
  • Medicare physician payment changes in 2014: 90832-90838, 99487
  • Mohs surgery coding : 17311-17315, 88302-88305, 88307, 88309, 88329, 88331-88334
  • Rigid and transnasal esophagoscopy: 43191-43198, 43200-43202, 43204-43206, 43211-43217, 43220, 43226, 43227, 43229, 43231, 43232.

You'll also find the customary FAQ section in the latest CPT® Assistant to assist you in resolving your toughest coding cases. To find the help you need, search for these codes and keywords on Code Connect:

  • Discontinued colonoscopy: modifier 53
  • Esophagoscopy: 43227
  • Gastroesophageal reflux test: 42999, 91034-91035, 91038
  • Nervous system procedure: 64999
  • Stimulus evoked response: 51792
  • Urodynamics study: 51784.