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Sharpen Your Physical Therapy Eval Coding Skills With August CPT® Assistant

Physical therapy evaluation definitions, tips, and examples in the August 2017 CPT® Assistant will give you a better understanding of how to code for these services. You’ll learn why you should steer clear of E/M definitions for these codes and get insights into how time and body structures relate to your code choice.


To find this article and all the authoritative guidance this issue has to share, search these codes and keywords on TCI SuperCoder Code Connect:


  • Esophageal sphincter augmentation: 0392T, 0393T, 43279-43282, 43284, 43285
  • Neurophysiology monitoring, intraoperative: 95940, 95941
  • Ocular inserts, drug eluting: 0356T, 0444T, 0445T
  • Physical therapy evaluation, 2017: 97001, 97002, 97161-97164, 99201-99205, 99211-99350.


For Q&A fans, find entries from this month’s FAQs by entering these codes and keywords in the TCI SuperCoder Code Connect search box:


  • Drainage catheter: 10030, 10160
  • Endovascular repair, aortic aneurysm: 34848
  • Musculoskeletal surgery: 20600, 20605, 22325, 22853, 25441, 25442, 27306, 27307, 27385, 27599
  • Neutralization assay: 85525, 85999.