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Latest CPT® Assistant Ends Your Rib Fracture Care Coding Confusion

The August 2015 CPT® Assistant features the latest updated Category I CPT® codes for reporting open reduction and internal fixation of rib fractures. The issue elucidates guidelines and provides real-world clinical examples that assist you to appropriately report the codes for rib fracture care added in 2015.


Plus, reviewing the latest issue will improve your coding skills for reporting central nervous system tests, contrast injection for knee arthrography, as well as ICD-10-CM codes for a scenario including respiratory and heart conditions. Also, catch a new code for 2016 for reporting services provided in diabetes prevention programs. To get spot-on guidance, simply type a code or keyword into's Code Connect to see the August article that suits your needs:

  • Central Nervous System Assessments/Tests: 96101-96127
  • Diabetes Prevention Program: 0403T
  • ICD-10-CM Case Scenario
  • Injection of Contrast for Knee Arthrography: 20610,20611, 21116, 23350, 24220, 25246, 27093, 27095, 27096, 27370, 27648, 29871, 70000, 70336, 73201, 73222, 73580, 73722, 77002
  • Rib Fracture Care: 0245T-0248T, 21800-21810, 21811-21813, 21899.

You’ll also find the customary FAQ section in the latest CPT® Assistant to assist you in resolving your toughest coding cases. To find the help you need, search for these codes and keywords on Code Connect:

  • Cardiovascular System: 36471, 76942
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound: 36821, 76998, 93971
  • Modifier 50: 76641
  • Nerve Graft: 64890, 64910, 64999
  • Static Surface Electromyography: 96002, 96004, 95999
  • Vascular Embolization or Occlusion: 37241.