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Dig In to Latest CPT® Assistant for a Detailed Description of Electrosurgical Neurofibroma Removal Updates

The April 2016 CPT® Assistant addresses appropriate reporting of new 2016 codes 0419T-0420T to describe electrosurgical destruction of neurofibromas. The issue features guidelines and provides practical clinical examples that assist you to correctly report these newly updated codes.

Plus, the latest issue updates your understanding about additions and revisions to codes in the genomic sequencing procedures and molecular multianalyte assays subsection of CPT® 2016. Also, find out how to appropriately report endobronchial ultrasound procedures as well as acute and chronic conditions in ICD-10-CM. Easily find the definitive guidance you need to combat denials and ensure correct coding with a quick search on SuperCoder’s Code Connect. You can locate the articles on correct CPT® code usage in the April issue by searching for the indicated codes:

  • Electrosurgical Removal of Neurofibromas: 0419T-0420T, 11400-11446, 17000-17106, 17108-17111, 64788-64790
  • Endobronchial Ultrasound Procedures: 31620, 31622-31626, 31628-31629, 31640, 31643- 31646, 31652-31654
  • Genomic Sequencing Procedures and Other Molecular Multianalyte Assays: 81412, 81432- 81438, 81442-81455, 81479
  • ICD-10-CM Acute and Chronic Conditions: J03.90, J20.9, J35.02, J40, J42,

J96.20, K81.2 N17.9.


For answers to how to handle specific scenarios, turn to the FAQ section. Real-world solutions are available by searching for these codes and keywords on Code Connect:

  • Bunionectomy: 28299
  • Category III Codes: 0493T, 93350-93551, 93606-93608
  • Evaluation and Management: 93005, 93010
  • Independent Workstation: 76376, 76377
  • Pharyngoplasty: 15757, 42950
  • Removal of Lens Material: 66840, 66999
  • Vertebral Corpectomy: 63081-63091.