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Color-Coded OR Procedures Alert Nurses to ICD-9 Vol 3 Status Without Leaving DRG Page
October 11, 2012

Clinical documentation integrity (CDI) nurses now have an easier way to spot hospital allowances while staying on a Diagnostic Related Grouper (DRG) details' page. "Nurses think in DRGs," says Jen Godreau, CPC, CPMA, CPEDC, director of development and operations for, owned by The Coding Institute. With DRG Coder, a nurse can search by DRG. Along with the official descriptor and Major Diagnostic Category (MDC) crosswalk, the nurse can see the related DRGs. These tell the nurse if a higher or lower paying DRG might be more appropriate based on the patient's condition, for instance, the patient has a major comorbid condition (MCC).

Nurses can also see the associated ICD-9 volume 1 and ICD-9 volume 3 or procedure code. SuperCoder shows whether a procedure is allowed to be performed in the operating room right on the DRG code details page. Then, the nurse can click on the ICD-9 volume 3 code and go right to that code's details where the OR (Valid operating room procedure) or Non-OR (Non-valid operating room procedure) symbol is again shown. By pulling symbols into color-coded messages, the nurse gets optimal info at each level for maximum efficiency, explains Godreau.

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