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Coding Solutions: More User-Friendly Searching July 23
July 23, 2013

We've gathered thousands of comments and queries from SuperCoder customers and in response are providing changes to make the site easier to use for code lookup and to improve the user's workflow. Starting July 23, these changes will help you find the code information you need faster including:

Home Page and Main Menu

Search Results

Code Page Details


Where Are the Login and Logout Buttons?

To eliminate Browser issues causing Login to display incorrectly on some users' main menu bars, SuperCoder has moved Login and Logout to the Masthead and out of the Main Menu.


Where Is the Search Box on the Coder Page?

For consistency, the search box on the Coder page has been replaced by one universal search box at the top of each page.


Why Does the Direction in the Code Search Box Disappear When I Go to a New Code Details Page?

The cursor remains in the Search Box as a speed workflow feature added July 23, 2013. Customers who search a high volume of codes daily asked if the cursor could remain active so that they could type a new code in the search box using only their keyboards' number pad and without having to put the mouse in the search box.
Once you mouse or click on another item such as a tab on the Code Details page, the autocursor function will be stopped and you will need to put your mouse on the code search box before entering a new code to lookup.

What Will Be on the New Code Search Home Page?

If you have your home page set to Code Search, you will enjoy a clutter-free new home page starting July 23. On the new home page's left side, you will have quick access to all items included on the current Code Search home page plus your Newsletter subscription title under Publications.
No more navigating to dead-end pages or requests for product purchase! Only features available to your account will be included on the home page and left panel navigation.
Eventually, this left panel navigation will be added to all pages for more user-friendly code and tool access.
Access this page by clicking on or My SuperCoder.


What Does Search History Include?

The last 10 search results will appear under Search History. Click on a blue code or term to go directly to the Search Results page.

Where Will Code Search Take Me?
After logging in, mousing over Coding Tools and selecting Code Search will take you to the Search Results page. In the Search box, type in a keyword or code and to:

  • go directly to the Code's Details page, click enter on your keyboard or click the search magnifying glass
  • open a Codes, Tools, or Publications tab, do NOT click enter and instead simply click the mouse on the desired tab.


Where Can I Find the CPT 2013, ICD-9 Guidelines, CCI and LCD Tools Buttons?

Buttons on the current Code Search home page will be moved to the left navigation as follows:


Left Navigation Section

  • CPT 2013 Code Changes
Coding, CPT
  • ICD-9-CM Guidelines
Coding, ICD-9-CM
  • CCI Edits Checker*
Coding, Claims Edits
  • LCD Lookup*
Coding, Claims Edits

*Also accessible under current main menu horizontal navigation Coding Tools.


How Can I Alphabetically Lookup a Term?

Direct access to manual lookup and range search will be available on the left panel under Coding. Here's where to find the links as well as some new items previously only available on a Physician Coder home page.
index table mapping.jpg
document search explanation.jpg

What Happened to the Keyword/Index/Range/Document Searches?

The entire site's information is searchable by performing one search using the new search box located in the masthead.
The new single Search box combines the information from four Code Search boxes:
current search box.jpg


into one located in SuperCoder's masthead

:search box.jpg

Why: Customers told us that  hunting under four search boxes based on whether the user wants results from keyword dictionaries or indexes or wants to search by codeset ranges or across documents is confusing. Therefore, SuperCoder merged the boxes into a single search box that will eliminate having to reenter a search under each box.


What Is Included on Search Results' Codes, Tools, Publications, and Products Tabs?

SuperCoder's search enhancements allow the coder to enter code(s) and/or keyword(s) once and see results under:

  • Codes: Shows codes in which the queried entry appears in codesets' indexes, tables, and SuperCoder's Natural Word Dictionary. You can filter the results by codeset(s) and source(s). If weighted logic confuses you, you can even sort the code results numerically.
  • Tools: Shows codes in which the searched code(s) and or keyword(s) appear in official guidelines, lay terms, personal notes, upcoming and historical data, and Stedman's Dictionary.
  • Publications: See when the search query appears in articles from CMS, CPT® Assistant, Newsletters, and Survival Guides.
  • Products: Locate products that can help you perform better by browsing by format such as web-based (e-solutions), print, e-Learning, CDs, and sort by different methods such as price $ to $$$.


search all filter.png

What Is Included on the Tools Search Results Tab?

Click the Tools tab to search codes details without even going to a code's details page. Compare guidelines, lay terms, even historical data.

  • Guidelines: Shows all instances of the searched code(s) and/or keyword(s) appearing in the searched codeset's official guidelines, such as when 69210 appears in guidelines of CPT® codes.
  • Lay Term: All Coding Institute written plain English explanations containing the CPT® or HCPCS code(s) and or keyword(s) entered.
  • Personal Notes: All personal notes for the code entered and all personal notes containing the code(s) and/or keyword(s) entered.
  • Upcoming and Historical Info: Code new and past changes for the CPT® code(s) and/or keyword(s) entered.
  • Stedman's Dictionary: Get the searched term's definition provided you have a subscription to Stedman's Electronic Dictionary.

tools guidelines.png
FYI:  If while logged in you perform a search that does not match the parameters, an error message will prompt you with tips for a successful search result.

Can I Filter Articles by Date?

The search lets you switch between results for  publications and codesets with no search word or code reentry. In addition, you can filter results by any publication date.

Publications Search results benefits.png

On a Code Details page, what does the CCI symbol do?

The CCI symbol speeds your workflow. When you're on a Code Details page, click the symbol and the code will be added to the CCI Edits Checker.

When you are done adding the code combination you want to check for CCI edits, go to the CCI Edits Checker page and the result for the combined codes will be shown. To start building a new series using the symbol, simply start using the Symbol again. A new series will be automatically saved.