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Surgical Coding Guidelines Revealed in Latest Coding Clinic®
May 05, 2014

Volume 14, Number 1 of AHA Coding Clinic® for HCPCS answers coding questions for hospital outpatient procedures related to interpreting codes and guidelines. This issue covers examples of how to assign correct procedure codes by interpreting the entire narrative of the operative report, rather than solely determining codes from procedures or diagnoses documented at the top of the report. The issue also includes FAQs about coding practices regarding chemoembolization, percutaneous core needle biopsy and fine needle aspiration of the vaginal cuff, and much more. The latest updates of HCPCS codes include a new "sometimes therapy" code for services that a provider outside of a certified therapy care plan performs, and new codes for certain drugs, biologicals, and radiopharmaceuticals.

Take advantage of Super Coders AHA HCPCS Coding Clinic code and keyword search to keep your skills up to date on these topics:

  • Coding surgical procedures: 43247, 47562, 47600, 63047, 96420
  • New "sometimes therapy" HCPCS Level I code: 97610
  • New 2014 HCPCS codes for drugs, biologicals, and radiopharmaceuticals: A9575, A9586, A9599, C9133, C9441, C9497, J0401, J1446, J1602, J7508, J9371, Q4137, Q4138, Q4139, Q4140, Q4141, Q4142, Q4143, Q4145, Q4146, Q4147, Q4148, Q4149
  • Revised or replacement HCPCS codes for drugs, biologicals, and radiopharmaceuticals: J0152, J0718, J1440, J1441, Q0171, Q0172, Q2027, Q3025
You’ll also find the customary FAQ section in the latest Coding Clinic®. To find the help you need from Super Coders AHA HCPCS Coding Clinic, search for these codes and keywords to learn more from the latest issue:
  • Chemoembolization and related procedures: 37241, 37243, 37244, 96420
  • Declotting and irrigation of an implanted device or catheter: 36593, 96374, 96523
  • Tendon transfer to base of thumb: 26480
  • Pacemaker placement and AV node ablation: 33207, 93650
  • Percutaneous core needle biopsy of the vaginal cuff: 20206, 49180, 57100, 58999