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News: Check Out TCI SuperCoder’s New Mobile-Friendly CPT® Code Pages

Our CPT® code detail and range pages have an all new design for even easier access on mobile devices!


With the new version, all the information available in our online coding packages is in a sleeker format for CPT® pages. The default is for the data boxes on details pages to be open for easy viewing (such as CPT® Official Code Descriptor and Lay Term). But we’re all about customizing pages for workflow, so don’t miss these three options:


1. Save Layout: On CPT® code details pages, you can maximize and minimize boxes to your preference using the plus and minus buttons. Then click the disk icon on the right side of the page that shows “Save Layout” when you hover over it. The next time you open a code details page, you’ll see that your preferred min/max settings remain.


2. Set Order: In the box for Compliance Tools, there’s a Set Order option. Click to choose which order the tabs display in and opt to hide tabs you don’t use.


3. Old Version: If you like to ease into change, then don’t miss the option to view the original display by clicking the “OLD VERSION” button on the side of the page. You can switch between old and new at any time!